ATTENTION: Gym and Personal Training Studio Owners: 
When it comes to marketing, do
you feel like you’re just throwing punches in the dark? 
If the answer is "yes", how would you like UNLIMITED access to the exact same tools, strategies, and resources I’m using right now to build 6- and 7-figure businesses for my clients! 
  • Fill your yearly marketing calendar in record time, without worrying about “burning out” your prospects and active clients!
  • Easily attract new prospects with “lead magnets” that take almost NO time to put together!
  • Automate marketing campaigns so that you can reel in prospects day and night, while focusing on other areas of your business (like getting amazing results for your clients)!
  • “Swipe and deploy” effortless techniques to keep clients coming back to you year-after-year… instead of switching to your competitors’ businesses!
  • And, much more! 
Dear Fellow Fitness Professional,

Tim Lyons, here.  I’m the owner of Pulse Fitness and ProFit Marketing Solutions.  

I’ve got a question for you:
How many hours a day do you spend racking your brain for marketing ideas? 
If you’re like most of us, it’s MUCH more than you’d care to admit. 

I mean, you know that you HAVE to keep creating compelling marketing to attract new clients (and even to keep the clients you already have from going elsewhere).  

But, it all feels like a LOT of frustrating guesswork, doesn’t it?  

Especially when, just about every week, there’s some marketing “guru” telling you that you should be using this Facebook ad strategy or that type of Instagram post or that you should be using this latest shiny app to pile 10,000 new leads into your pipeline by this time tomorrow.  

How are you supposed to have time to run your gym or training studio if you’re constantly trying to come up with the right marketing strategies to keep the income flowing? 

Well, relax

First, I want to let you know that you’re far from alone. Virtually every fitness business owner struggles with marketing. 

That’s partly because there’s SO much conflicting information out there, it’s hard to figure out which advice is solid, and which is just a bunch of nonsense created by someone who appointed themselves a fitness marketing “guru” earlier this morning!   

But, it’s also because that’s not where you want to spend your time. You’ve got clients to take care of, employees to deal with, and a thousand other responsibilities to attend to. So, the last thing you want to do is agonize over your next marketing campaign!  

And second, there’s no longer a need to try to cobble together a marketing calendar based on a dozen gurus’ unfounded opinions.  
In fact, you really don’t need to search for the perfect marketing strategies ever again!
I’ve done all the “heavy lifting” in fitness marketing… and I’m sharing exactly what’s working right now!
Unlike the marketing “gurus” out there, I’ve spent nearly a decade “in the trenches,” honing and perfecting my marketing skills. I’ve tried just about everything under the sun and I’ve seen some incredible successes (and, of course, some dismal failures)!

An, along the way, I’ve kept track of the most effective strategies and tools and used them in my own business (and in my clients’ businesses, too). 

That’s what has enabled me to turn Pulse Fitness from a “dead-in-the-water” venture with ZERO clients to a 7-figure business that helps hundreds of people each year finally achieve their fitness and health goals.  

And, it’s what has allowed me to help my clients – gym and personal training studio owners just like you – to generate more than $6 million in new business since 2015. My team and I have managed more than 6,000 campaigns for 500+ clients, including some of the biggest names in the fitness industry today. 
But I can’t physically “be there” for every fitness business owner who struggles with marketing, so I did this instead.
I LOVE working one-on-one with dedicated, hard-working gym and training studio owners who want to grow their businesses without constantly sweating over complicated marketing campaigns.

But, I can't work one-on-one with every fitness business owner – there just aren’t enough hours in the day. (Plus, there are a lot of people out there who aren’t at the point where they can afford my private coaching fees.) 

So, here’s what I’ve done: 

I’ve taken EVERY tool, strategy, and insight I’ve used to grow Pulse Fitness (and more than 500 client businesses) and put them all into one exclusive online resource you can access on demand – any time of the day or night 

And, access to that complete resource is just a couple of clicks away!  
ProFit GPS Marketing Hub for Fitness Professionals
Your private go-to “playbook” for simple, fresh marketing in minutes without all the headaches, searching, and guesswork!
With ProFit GPS, you’ll never need to be at a loss for marketing ideas again, no matter whether you’re trying to attract new clients, improve your retention rate, or maximize revenues per client. Every strategy, tool, and resource inside this exclusive membership portal has been exhaustively tested and proven, so you can just swipe, deploy, and rest easy knowing that your marketing is doing its job flawlessly!

When you log into your marketing hub dashboard for the first time just minutes from now, you’re going to find a wealth of insights and done-for-you resources for ALL EIGHT fitness marketing categories: 

Social Media Content 

Stay in front of prospects and clients and build serious authority with this video collection of ready-to-go healthy recipes, workout tips, and full workouts you can “private label” and post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media profile. Plus, you’ll get a done-for-you weekly posting calendar to make social media marketing simple!

Internal Marketing 

I’ve included loads of ideas, strategies, and “swipeable” content to keep your current clients engaged (and prevent them from going elsewhere), increase per-client revenues, and encourage referrals!

Facebook Group Marketing 

Here, you’ll get the cutting-edge insights and resources to leverage your own free Facebook group to generate new business, referrals, and unshakable client loyalty! 

Lead Generation

Just use this collection of “plug and play” strategies to turn on a flow of responsive leads any time of the year! 

Front-End Offers

Creating just the right “low-ticket” offer to get clients in the door can be frustrating. But, not anymore! Now, you have access to a treasure trove (including 1-click funnel uploads) of introductory offers to get prospects to take their credit cards out of their wallets and to become your next enthusiastic fan! 

Messenger Bot Marketing

With the proven strategies I’ve packed into this section, you’ll be able to use Messenger Bot Marketing to attract warm leads without spending your day composing and sending messages yourself. It’s a simple way to keep the pipeline full while freeing you to take care of more pressing tasks! 

Flash Marketing

Need to generate some quick cash to expand, cover payroll, or pay for that new car? The ideas and resources in this section will let you create urgency through “limited time” offers that get prospects to take action fast!


You know that keeping your clients is a critical component of meeting your financial goals but most fitness business owners ignore this part. In minutes, you can swipe and deploy these fun, easy strategies to keep your clients excited (and paying you month after month)!
Invest in the success of your gym or training studio today
Don't Take Our Word From It. 
Hear What Those Who've Worked With Us Have To Say...
Scott Churner - Maximize Potential
Nick Osborne - Go Fitness

Scott Churner Made $20,000 In A Single Weekend Using The Black Friday Strategy In GPS!

Jason Usry Made Nearly $300,000 from the assets found in GPS this past year!

Evan Howard of Forward Thinking Fitness takes you deep into the ProFit GPS and shows you how he's using GPS to dominate in his area!
I've known Tim Lyons for nearly 10 years. He is not only a great guy, but offers amazing marketing products/services through his company, ProFit. Alloy has engaged Tim and ProFit for many projects and and services. They continue to evolve their offerings while maintaining topnotch, personal customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend ProFit to anyone with marketing needs!

- Rick Mayo (Alloy®)
I think Tim is one of the best of the next generation in the fitness business.
He plays big, and continues to amaze me by constantly being ahead of everyone else in the market.

- Thomas Plummer  (
Tim and ProFit make marketing easy and effective.... being a business owner juggling multiple tasks daily, its great to have a resource who truly understands the our business to help drive leads. ProFit is more than a business service, you have to experience them to believe.

- Frank Nash (Stronger Personal Training)
Working with Tim and ProFit has been one of the best experiences of my business career. They are there with you every step of the way - responsive, insightful, and encouraging. Most importantly, all of the stuff they do WORKS. No more struggling for clients - hire these guys yesterday!!

- Evan Howard (Forward Thinking Fitness)
Tim & ProFit stood out to me among several marketing companies and website builders I was choosing between at the time. He had great insight on the next step I needed to take to create an amazing culture with my online fitness coaching brand, create excellent products, and design a marketing funnel to increase enrollments. I would highly recommend Tim & his team to anyone who wants to improve their business model & increase sales.

- Aaron Nimmo (NimmoFit)
Two words that clearly describe what Tim Lyons and ProFit Marketing, have done for my business... GAME CHANGER!!! If you think you can do it on your own, you are out of your mind. Do what you do best, then hire the best for the rest. Tim Lyons is the best.

- Rich Mejias (Next Generation Training - Wyckoff)
Working with Tim and the ProFit group began as an opportunity to reach deeper into our community to introduce our new-to-the-area fitness facility, but the ProFit approach didn’t stop there. The ProFit team, and network, has become a family of trusted resources from all over the nation and beyond, from new businesses to established ones. In 2010 you called on marketing and strategy groups for business direction when you didn’t know where else to turn. In 2018, you choose to join collaborative groups like ProFit where you learn from industry masters and where other business professionals are discussing the continual changes in the fitness industry, consumer behavior, strategy and marketing

-Lauren Connelly (Body & Soul Fitness and Spa)
ProFit Marketing has completely elevated my business to another level. Tim’s marketing expertise makes ProFit the only choice for any gym owner who is looking to add new, qualified members to their gym.

- Mike Ercalano (Next Generation Training - Randolph)
I used to run my own marketing campaigns on Facebook until I realized that I just don’t have the time or energy to stay on top of the ever-changing rules Facebook has in regards to advertising. So, I turned to Tim and ProFit Marketing Solutions. It was the best decision I’ve made. I have more time to actually run my business and I'm constantly getting new people in my doors. Thanks, Tim!

- Aaron Manes (Premier Performance)
“Sounds amazing, Tim. But, that has to be out of my budget.”
Believe me, I hear that all the time. And considering that ProFit GPS is the next best thing to having me looking over your shoulder 8 hours a day I can see why fitness business owners would assume that it’s insanely expensive!

But I’m not doing this to make a fortune. 

I’m doing it to give hard-working gym and training business owners like you a break. I’m doing it so you can not only compete in today’s hyper-competitive environment,  but do it without driving yourself crazy trying to figure out marketing on your own!

I want to save you a TON of time, money and frustration. To actually help you enjoy running your business again!

That’s why I’ve priced ProFit GPS as low as possible, so that any serious fitness business owner can afford to invest in their businesses with this powerful marketing resource!
Invest in the success of your gym or training studio today with 
ProFit GPS Marketing Hub for Fitness Professionals
  • Access to ALL strategies, tools, and resources
  • Priority access to new tools and strategies
  • “What’s working now” for top fitness business owners
$497/ Month (Most Convenient!)**

$4997 / Year 

Buy The Year, Get 2 Months FREE!
*Platinum Member Access:
  • 13 Complete Challenge/Low Barrier Offer Campaigns 
  •   6 Retention Strategies
  •  10 Internal Marketing Strategies
  •  7 Lead Generation Campaigns
  •   Access to All Social Media Content
  •  2 Flash Sale Campaigns
  •  3 Bot Marketing Campaigns
  •  Facebook Group Marketing Strategy Process
  •  4 Quarter Marketing Plan Built-In
**Please note that not all tools will be available at all times. ProFit will release new content monthly that will give you access to new strategies you can implement throughout the year. New content not included in the above list will also be added as it is created. 
Oh… and after you’ve had a chance to dive into ProFit GPS and implement the real-world strategies and resources inside, feel free to drop me a note and let me know what you think. I’d LOVE to hear how you’re growing your fitness business with these proven gym and training studio strategies!
P.S.: How many new clients will it take to cover your investment in ProFit GPS Marketing Hub? If you’re like most fitness business owners, even a couple of new clients a month will more than cover the cost. And the way these strategies and done-for-you solutions work, you’re bound to attract MANY more new clients than that! So, stop doing marketing the hard way… lock in your ProFit GPS membership today! 
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